LA Web Fest - recap

Had an amazing time in Los Angeles at the 2014 LA Web Fest. Not only was I representing from The Super Femmes but my co-producer, Tim Bell, and production Sound Mixer/actor, Robert Gordon, were as well. Lauryn Macgregor, who plays The Hummer, joined us at the festival too, and of course we also met up with one of my favorite NC actors (now LA actor) Leah Caruana.

The venue at the Radisson was great, nice bar lounge on the ground level, then a short walk up to the 2nd floor where allthe screenings and panels were being held. Though my one big complaint with the festival was that there just wasn't many people attending the screenings since everyone was either a guest on one of the panels or attended in the audience.

As usual with festivals if you want other filmmakers to show up to your screenings you have to "work the room" and that I did. I was abale to befriend some cool new series creators in the process like Tony Napolitano and his guys from the web series The CREW; a sopranos-esque type gangster show that is really well done with story and characters. Also it was great to meet Vanessa Verdugo, aka JUSTICE WOMAN, a smart thriller of a super hero dramady that has some thought provoling subject matter mixed with some clever comedy and slapstick humor. Hopefully The Super Femmes and Justice Woman can do a cross-over soon, more on that as it develops.

At the awards ceremony, that seemed to be more of an endurance test, The Super Femmes walked away with an award for Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography. Over-all it was great fun to dress up, walk the red carpet, and generally be with folks who are fellow content creators; celebrating together our hard work on series that are more a labor of love than anything else.

That's really all I feel like typing now so here's a quick rundown of other stuff that happened, there was an earthquake during one the screenings; a 5.1.... but who's counting. We ate at In-Out Burger, honestly I found Five Guys, or even Sonic does a better burger for my money. Went on the Universal Studios tour, I LOVE their sets.... I REALLY wanted to jump off the trolly and film something right then and there. Pub crawled on Hollywood Blvd. Tim discovered Uber and Tinder. Saw a great webseries called LOCK, POOP, FLUSH. That's a good place to end it. Thanks to Mike and the LA Web Fest crew for putting on a great event!

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