The ZombiePalooza contest for 2017 at the Cary Theater was a lot of fun. I had an amazing team, The Romero Rejects, and we won 2nd place over-all. Unfortunately I was unable to attend, but here is a comment from one of the cast who attended.

Even before I saw "The Big Sale" (I think they showed it as #13 in line, out of 15 films), and when I'd only seen half of one of the other selections, I said to Kevin that I figured you were going to win either the 1st or 2nd place award. Kevin named another film he liked as well, and stated it was the only real competition---- that's the film that ended up winning 1st place (I didn't see it.... it was screened very early in the lineup).One thing that really set "The Big Sale" apart from the other films was the quality of the editing.... the other stuff was plagued by lagging, dragging scenes & poor editing. Your editing choices really made every scene pop, which kept things moving, lively, funny, etc. And of course, Kevin was such a great casting choice. He did a wonderful job.The crowd response to the film was good---- lots of laughter. I think we would've won "Audience Choice" award too, but the team that won that had LOTS of their people in the audience...... plus no one from "Romero Rejects" (the MC said that was his favorite team name) could figure out how to VOTE, so none of us voted for "The Big Sale"!

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